DESCO prepaid meter balance check , recharge history, Customer Login, Electricity bill

DESCO prepaid meter balance check information has been discuss here. The menu of client of metre of electricity wants to know their all the use. This is the modern world. So it will be very helpful to you for collecting your all information as like the balance check and recharge also other information. Because every time all the users wants to know there information like metre recharge history, helpline number, customer service number also other. Today we are going to discuss about this information in this article. How you can collect your this type of information from online.

If you use this meter then this information only for you. Because those who use this they  find there information in online. So read this article properly and get your all information for yourself. Just collect all the details.

DESCO prepaid meter balance check

This is a new information of the desco. Because this system was not before. So if you are a new customer and you did not know about this system then you have to follow about it. Without knowing this information you cannot collect your all data from the official website. So at first you have to know the all details how you can do it. So collect this information read the all details of this article post. Then everyone can understand all the online customer service management system of desco.

How to check DESCO prepaid meter balance and recharge

This is very easy to do it. Already everyone know that there is a app in Play Store of DESCO. If you install this app you can do it easily from online. Now at first we will discuss about the app collecting information then after that we will discuss about the meter balance check information. So to know this read The below steps.

  • Go to the Play Store
  • And search now desco app
  • Install this app in your phone

After installing this app you have to go to this app. If you install then please follow the steps for knowing the recharge and other information.

  • Now click on the app and go to the page
  • Provide your mobile number
  • Now provide your prepaid meter number
  • And click on the next button

After clicking the next button you will get the homepage of your ID. Then you can check your balance of prepaid meter. This is the most important for yourself if you use the prepared meter of desco.

How to recharge desco electricity meter

Many of candidate wants to know the recharge information also recharge of desco account. If you did not know about the information then you have to know from online. We provide all the details how you can recharge the meter. Because many of them those who his newly used this app it’s very difficult for them. How they can recharge their account. So for recharging you have to follow steps just read it and get your information.

If you want to your desco card recharge then you can go to the office for recharge. Also if you have any online account then you can recharge from this. Your account number has in the card. To use this card number you have to recharge your desco card. After that you can recharge your meter

  • After recharge you have to go to the near your meter
  • Now give your card in your meter
  • When your meter will showed the balance
  • Take your card in time.

When you are metre will showed your balance your work has been done. So this is the rules to recharge desco prepaid metre. So if you did not know about this rules just follow the above steps and get your information.

DESCO prepaid meter helpline number

Also the many users wants to know how they can get the service in online. Also the helpline number in online. To know these details you have to go to the official website of desco. There are online Customer Service Management System. If you visit this website then you will get all the details from here. Because all the services information has been included here. So everyone can understand to visit this information. We provide here the link for yourself. So if you find this information just click here to go this website. Then you will reach the site. And you will collect your all information from here.

Customer Service Desco

DESCO prepaid Login/DESCO Customer Login

Also many of them desco prepaid customer login information find in online. They can get it easily from here. We have provide this information for yourself. If you visit this app then you can collect your all information from here. You have to provide your account number then click on the login. After that you will go your account and you can control your account for yourself.