Describe a photo that you are proud of

Describe a photo that you are proud of IELTS Cue Card

Describe a photo that you are proud of here. Photography is a lifetime memory. Every person in the world now takes pictures and saves them. Because we all want to capture every important event of life in pictures. So every person saves their important events in pictures. Some old pictures of our life which give us a lot of joy later on. Like everyone smiles when they see their childhood pictures. Because he remembers those times of his childhood. Social media is another great way to save photos these days. Because everyone can upload their moments and save them on social media. And spend their time and that joy with friends.

Describe a photo that you are proud of

So today I am going to talk about photography. At every moment people reach different crossroads in life. So everyone wants to capture those moments on camera. For example, someone takes a picture of his home at a function, a picture taken at a wedding, not only when a major degree is awarded in various educational institutions, but also in various major events of the country, this photography is widely discussed. Through the picture, it is now revealed who was present at the event.

We’ve all been dressed up at times, just like snapping a picture. Again, when we are in a very happy moment, we take pictures of ourselves on camera. Because everyone likes to capture events on camera.

describe a photo that you are proud of cue card

I am very happy with myself. And I feel proud because I faced many obstacles and took challenges and fulfilled them. This whole journey has not been easy for me. I have lost my way many times on this journey but I have come back again by my own will power. Because I am continuing this work with only one goal. That is success. This picture makes me proud. Because whenever I see this picture I remember the hard work of those challenging times. And inspire me with my efforts.

That selfie always catches my eye. And reminds me that my difficult situation can be military and put my life on an impressive growth trajectory by working with an imagination.

describe something that surprised you

Every person in modern world has some photo clicking skills. Because everyone takes pictures anywhere. Because in this modern age people click photos wherever they go. I have many such photos in my collection. Among them, this is one of the most significant.

Describe a photo that you are proud of


Photography is an art. And one can capture important moments like photography in museums. And to click captivating pictures with those important moments. Made mesmerizing memories with him. Pictures of our past travels and achievements are always in our hearts. There are some pictures that are taken randomly and become very important to us. Every person in today’s world has a smartphone and they use social media accounts. People like to share them on their social media accounts.


In today’s article we are going to discuss about photography. Why is this picture so dear to me? And why I am proud of it.


Why Did You Take This Photo?

This was a few days ago. Me and my family went to visit a historical place. And we all had a good time with each other. When we were all roaming around, I was clicking some pictures from here and there. So some pictures of nature I click there. There was a waterfall. And the beauty surrounded by thousands of nature is fascinating. Everyone wanted to shoot pictures at that place. But since I have a good phone, I was clicking everyone’s pictures. And those pictures were very nice.

What is mean the photo?

I clicked pictures with everyone while hanging out with the family. I clicked a lot randomly while taking pictures with everyone. But I clicked the photographs in a completely unconscious way and saw them on my laptop. All the family are standing there holding each other’s hands. And everyone has an image of how everyone is theirs. There I saw talking to each other in the morning. And the automatic sunset scene made the photography so beautiful that it cannot be explained. This is the most romantic photograph I have ever seen. I saw father, mother, brother, sister, and all other relatives of the family. Everyone is very happy to come and visit with kinship. And very happy to see the picture taken without everyone’s knowledge. Everyone is very happy with this picture. And everyone was praising me with a happy air about the picture. At that time, new life was reviving in everyone.

Why do you feel proud of the photo

I am very proud of my photography. My parents were very happy because of my photography. And I was happily clicking all the memories there. I still have that picture bound and kept in my room. Whenever my relatives come to visit, they are all very happy to see that picture. That picture surrounded by the illusion of love.

Describe a photo that says you are proud of IELTs on the card

Photography really makes everyone’s life very sweet and memorable. The camera can capture the important moments of every person’s life and those events. As we move towards the future, those old memories remain with us. Because looking at those old pictures, our old memories float in the pictures. So everyone is very happy to see that old picture. And more than that, my photography makes me very happy. Whenever I feel like it, I look at that picture and try to remember that time, and think and rejoice. The moment I spent with those relatives is not good. Remembers the good moments.

Time spent with my friends along with my family members. Spending with relatives can bring clues to any stage in our life. Just looking at our old photographs where we can feel happy again after a happy weekend. So important things should be added and saved. I am very pleased with the photography of that day and the time spent with each member. So in my mind those times will be forever. I love those times. I think of them every moment.

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