Digital Bangladesh Quiz Competition Registration 2022

Digital Bangladesh Quiz Competition 2022 is going to be held. This year’s quiz competition is going to be held in three groups. Students can participate in this competition in three groups. So students of any age can register for quiz competition in any category. And when the quiz competition will be held also how to register for the quiz competition has been discussed in detail. So if you are a candidate who wants to participate in the quiz competition then you can know all the detailed information including your participation in the quiz competition from here. Also, the rules to be followed by the competition and the questions to be asked are mentioned here.

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  • Online Digital Bangladesh Quiz Contest Registration
  • Who can participate in the quiz competition?
  • Online-Quiz Contest Registration Rules
  • During the quiz competition
  • Digital Bangladesh is the subject of competition
  • Online Quiz Contest Total Prize

Digital Bangladesh Quiz Competition

On the occasion of Online- Digital Day 2022 quiz which is going to be held till which date can be registered and how to register. Moreover, the issue of when the quiz competition will be held has been discussed in detail here. Registration can be done through online website on 26th November 2022 till 11:59 PM. Candidates who are interested to register must complete the quiz competition registration by November 26.

Candidates can apply in the following three age groups for online-quiz competition. However, all Bangladeshi citizens above 8 years of age can participate. But from the age of eight years onwards it is divided into age groups. Group: A, Group: B, Group: C

age limit

Group:-A = 8-12 years

Group: B = 13-18 years

Group: C = 19-years old

Online quiz competition Registration

Registration for the quiz competition is very easy. But there are many students who don’t know how to register online-quiz to be held on the occasion of Digital Bangladesh Day 2022. So everyone should know the rules before applying. Because if you know the rules, you can easily complete the application at home. So check here how to register quiz online.

  • First you need to visit the quiz official website
  • The official website link is given here
  • Now you will come to the home page of the official website
  • Click here to register
  • A page will open in front of you
  • First your name in Bengali in the empty box above
  • Then mobile number in English
  • Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year) as
  • Now enter a password of six characters
  • 6+2=? Write that answer
  • Now click on the registration button
  • Your registration is complete.


Digital Bangladesh Quiz 2022

The online-quiz competition registration will continue till 26 November 2022. Interested candidates can complete the application through the official website within that period. Those who are unable to complete the application will not be able to register online on the next working day after November 26. So all the candidates who are interested to register complete your registration now.

After the registration of the quiz competition, the first group competition will be held in just 3 days. The first group quiz competition will be held on 29 November 2022. Group 2 competition will be held on 1st December. And Group 3 Quiz Competition will be held on 2nd December 2022.

The quiz competition can be participated anytime between 7 pm to 8 pm on the mentioned date. After starting where a candidate will get next 21 minutes. All questions must be answered within that time.

Online Bangladesh Quiz Rules

A candidate can participate once in the online digital quiz competition held on the occasion of Digital Bangladesh Day. A candidate will not be allowed to participate in the competition more than once. So you must be careful while participating in the competition. Moreover, the things that you should know in advance.

  • A contestant can participate in the Which Contest once
  • Each candidate will be allotted 21 minutes
  • And each question will be worth (1 mark)
  • Each question will have four answer options and one correct answer must be selected
  • The highest answer in the shortest time will be selected as the winner
  • Prizes will be awarded subject to age verification in case of ultimate victory
  • Anyone providing false or incorrect information will be disqualified from the competition
  • Family members of persons directly or indirectly involved in the implementation of Gita cannot participate in the competition.

Online Quiz Competition Award

The award will be given to 21 winners among the participating candidates in the three groups. A total of 21 prizes will be awarded. Prizes will be distributed among the winners of each group.

  • First Prize: Laptop Core i7, 10th Generation
  • 2nd Prize: Laptop Core i7,8 Generation
  • Third Prize: Laptop Core i5, 10th Generation
  • 4th Prize: Laptop Core i3,10 Generation
  • Fifth and Seventh Prize: Smart Phone

Digital Bangladesh Quiz  Question Topic

Everyone must know the topics from which competitive questions will be asked. Because if the candidates do not know then they will not be able to prepare for the quiz competition properly. So of course you should know the detailed information about this in advance.

  • Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s life is exemplary and Mujib years
  • Liberation War, Golden Jubilee of Independence, Election Manifesto, Vision 2021, 2041 and Delta Plan 2100
  • Digital Bangladesh Day, Digital Bangladesh Vision, Digital Bangladesh all services
  • Questions will be decided from Bangladesh economy subject. And quiz questions will be set on the said topics.