Dissemination of new curriculum scheme  2024

Dissemination of new curriculum scheme 2024, Today’s discussion on the new curriculum 2023. Every country in the world has a curriculum in its education system. Education system is conducted according to that curriculum. The rules and regulations by which the education system is governed is called education policy. This education covers various subjects including curriculum. It took a long time to change the education system of the country.

In this continuation, the education system of Bangladesh is going to change a bit. Although there are plans to fully implement this curriculum, it is not yet complete. All education systems are very concerned about this. Today we will discuss about this in detail.

dissemination of new curriculum scheme 

Education is the right of all citizens of Bangladesh. So education will be universal. Even after 52 years of victory, we have not been able to introduce a comprehensive education system. Where education will be based on patriotism and universal science, the medium of education will be mother tongue. With that aim, some curriculum has again been added to the education system in our country. Detailed information related to this curriculum is discussed here.

In early 2023, the phase of implementation of the curriculum through students of class II, VI and VII was launched. It is hoped that the change in our society will be through the education system. I have tried to discuss the main part of the curriculum by presenting it to the readers. The point being made here is that learning will be fun in the new curriculum. And the main objective is to reduce the burden of textbooks by reducing the learning pressure on the students. Deep learning will be emphasized in this curriculum. It is said that experiential and activity-based learning is being prioritized instead of reliance on rote learning. Sports and other activities will be given importance in the physical and mental development of the students.

new curriculum 2024 class 9

What is said in this education policy has been implemented from the year 2023 for the first, second and sixth and seventh classes. By 2024 it will be implemented in class III, IV, VIII and IX. 2025 will be implemented in class V and 10 and in 2026 it will be implemented in class XI. In 2027, it will be implemented only in Class XII. Whereas pre-primary education was two years which was one year till 2022.

Also there are no government prescribed books in the pre-primary education system. School teachers will teach them in their own way. No examination system was adopted for pre-primary students up to class III. Here learning is done instead of testing. Assessment of students will be based on classroom teaching.

And three books are being given to the students till class III. Eight books will be given on the same subject from Class IV to Class V. There will be a total of ten identical books from sixth to tenth standard. According to this the program will be conducted.

class 9 new curriculum 2024 book 

Apart from traditional tests, assessment will be through summative learning methods. Where PEC/IBEDAI and JSC/JDC ​​public exams are going up. So students do not have to teach this trouble. There the mode of assessment will be assignment based. There is also presentation communication and hands-on learning. And learning period assessment will be provided from class IV to class 10. Where 60 percent and collective assessment will be 40 percent.

On the other hand, up to class 9th and 10th, learning time evaluation will be 50 percent and cumulative evaluation will be given 50 percent. It will be carried over to Class XI with 30 per cent learning time assessment and 70 per cent summative assessment. The SSC exam will not be done by comparing books of class 9th and 10th as before. Exam will be conducted as per Class 10 Book Syllabus only. This is the first public examination of the students. will be held

Also, there are no separate three sections at the secondary level. Students will study different subjects at the same level by changing departments. Two separate exams will be held in class XI and class XII. The results of these two categories of exams will be combined to give the results of the HSC exam. So creative grade system is emerging in this curriculum. Students will be evaluated at three levels, the first level is elementary level. His details will be middle level. And third level will be expert level.