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Padma bridge paragraph SSC, HSC & other Class

Padma bridge paragraph SSC, HSC & All Class publish here. Currently Padma Bridge is a hot topic in Bangladesh. Every person’s face is now discussing the Padma bridge. Because the dream padma bridge will change the life of many people. Moreover, it is one of the largest bridges in Asia. This method of dreams will connect the people of south-western region of Bangladesh with the dreams of the center of Bangladesh. Just as it has a place in history, this Padma Bridge is a dream bridge for every people of Bangladesh. Not only people’s dreams, but in the field of education, Padma Bridge can come in a paragraph. But how can students write about it if they don’t have the right information. So get the correct and detailed information about Padma Bridge from here.

The Padma bridge paragraph

Ever since the inauguration of Padma Bridge, all the students try to know a lot of information about Padma Bridge. but can’t Moreover, students cannot write about Padma Bridge if they do not know the correct information about Padma Bridge. So to write about Padma Bridge, students must know about it. Today we will present you all the correct information about Padma Bridge. You can create your own paragraphs by arranging the information presented or download and write the paragraph images below. There are two ways you can download the paragraph.

padma bridge paragraph 150 words

The Padma Bridge is the dream bridge of Bangladesh. Padma Bridge is inaugurated on 25 Jan 2022. The name of the project under which Padma Bridge is being constructed is Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project. China Railway Group Limited Company is the contracted company for the work of Padma Bridge Project. The construction work of Padma Bridge has been held since 26 November 2014. The Padma Bridge of this dream of Bangladesh was constructed from Mawa to Jajira Point in Munshiganj and Shariatpur districts. The length of Padma Bridge is 6.15 km and the width of Padma Bridge is 72 feet four lane road. Moreover, the railway line of Padma Bridge will be installed on the ground floor. So there will be vehicular communication over the Padma Bridge and rail communication under it.

The cost of the dream Padma bridge is estimated at 30 thousand crore Taka. But The total cost of Bangladesh’s dream Padma bridge project is 28 thousand 793 crore 39 lakh taka. Or 8 thousand 707 crore 81 lakh Taka will be added to the river management of the project. About 4 thousand manpower worked in this huge construction work of Padma Bridge. This Padma bridge of dreams has 81 pillars. And the depth of padma bridge piling is 383 feet. The height of Padma Bridge from the water level is 60 feet. And for each pillar there are 6 pilings. The number of pilings of Padma Bridge is 264.

And the number of pillars of Padma Bridge is 42. This Padma Bridge in Bangladesh is now the 112th bridge in the world. It is not just the Padma Bridge. It is the dream of southwest region of Bangladesh. A means of bringing people together in the region of Bangladesh. So we can say that Padma bridge is the dream bridge of people of Bangladesh.

The Padma bridge paragraph for SSC

If you want to write a short essay about Padma Bridge in Bangladesh then you can write this essay between 200 words to 300 words above. Moreover, in today’s registration, we have appeared with all the detailed information about the Padma Bridge. Hope you can easily write padma setu essay according to your mind by connecting this information. So all the candidates who are going to participate in the SSC exam? But not finding the composition of Padmasetu. They have no reason to worry. Because we have appeared before you with short essays about Padma Setu. Here you will get all kinds of essay information. To write the essay you just need to collect and organize the information.

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Students who want to download short essay on Padma Setu have come to the right place. Because short essay about Padma Bridge is publish here. The short essay about Padma Bridge has been presente in the third para. Students of any class can write their essay about Padma Setu using the above information. Hope you can write the essay you want using the above information. Moreover here we have published in PDF form. If you want to download short essay in PDF format then you can download the PDF file. By clicking on your PDF file, you can download Essay PDF for free.

Padma bridge paragraph

Padma Setu paragraph HSC

Students of SSC, HSC, and all other classes are looking for essay about Padma Bridge. But many still could not collect essays. In fact, you do not need to look for different categories of essays. Create short essays using unpublished information. Or the essay mentioned in our PDF file is applicable for any class. So if you are looking for Padma Setu Essay then you can use this Essay for any class. And Padma Setu essay writing will not require any such information.

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