Sheikh Russel Quiz Winner 2023 – Sheikh Russel Quiz result

Sheikh Russel Quiz Winner 2023 list published. As you know Sheikh Russell Quiz competition is already over. Many teenagers in Bangladesh have participated in the Sheikh Russell Quiz Competition. Quiz competition is a fun thing. Because when quiz competition is held, students get a lot of joy in this competition. And interest in studies and external knowledge increases. So students like quiz competition a lot. There are many quiz competitions in Bangladesh. Sheikh Russel Quiz Competition is one among all other quiz competitions. Students who have participated in the quiz competition are eagerly waiting to collect their quiz results. Those who have not yet received their quiz competition results can download the results from here.

Sheikh Russel Quiz Winner 2023

The quiz competition was held in 2 parts. Because here the competition is divided into two age groups. So students of 8 to 12 years age group participated in a first phase and their quiz competition was held on 30 September 2023. On the other hand, students from 13 to 18 years participated in the second phase quiz competition. Phase II quiz competition held on 1 October 2023. So the students participating in the quiz competition are looking for their results in different places. But many don’t know how to collect their results. So today we have discussed in detail the rules for viewing quiz competition results.

Sheikh Russel Quiz result

The results of the quiz competition are declared after it is held. But students don’t know how to collect their quiz results. Today’s results are good news for the lucky few students who participated in the quiz competition. Because through the quiz results the winners will get the prize. But those who didn’t win won’t get the prize. But because of that, there is nothing to be upset about. Everyone must try hard in the next quiz competition. And prepare for the next competition. So let’s see how to download Sheikh Russel Quiz Result. If you follow the rules below you can download your result instantly.

Sheikh Russel Online Quiz Winner result list

Quiz competition results will be available online. So students have to collect the result through online. The results of the quiz competition will be published in the form of a list. The winning candidates will know who is the winner by checking their name, address, and number. Follow the rules below to see the results.

  • First of all you need to go to Sheikh Russel official website
  • Go to the link below to visit the official website
  • You can see on the official website
  • Now move down
  • The names of the winning candidates are published there
  • If you follow the above rules you can see your results instantly.

Sheikh Russel Quiz result Group A

There will be five winners in Group A. The names of the candidates who will win are listed below. 5 winners list name given their address and quiz competition number. By seeing the said number, the winning candidate can collect their prize.

Sheikh Russel Quiz result Group B

There will be five winners in the group. The list of five winners is published below. Match the candidates who have won the quiz competition by their name, address, and quiz number. The list is published below.

 Quiz result or prize list

There will be 5 winners from two categories totaling 10 winners. & There will be 5 winners in the first group. There will be five laptops of (Core i7 – 11th gen) for them. And in the second group there will be five winners. Also There will be five laptops of (Core i7 – 11th gen) for them. Names of winning candidates are given above.

Sheikh Russel Online Quiz result list

All the quizzes in this article today will be very useful for friends participating in the competition. Because all the candidates can download their quiz competition results from here. Moreover those who have not yet downloaded can download your result from the list given above. So if you have not downloaded the result yet check your result now. And share the post with your friends to get results faster.